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Introducing eRacks/ZENBOOK15.UHD 4D resolution, high power Ultrabook with Linux or BSD operating system

Introducing eRacks/ZENBOOK15.UHD 4D resolution, high power Ultrabook with Linux or BSD operating system

We wanted to start the month in style. So, we thought what better way there is than introducing a great looking Ultrabook with powerful specification?   Then the light bulb went on: “eRacks/ZENBOOK15.UHD”.

This really stylish and elegant eRacks/ZENBOOK15.UHD laptop that comes with a screen resolution of 3840 by 2160 — four times FHD (full high-definition) resolution – really started looking mighty good.

This Ultrabook by Asus can be delivered by eRacks with up to 24 Gigabytes of RAM and up to 1 or even 2 Terabytes of SSD hard disk space. With its 15.6 inch 4K Ultra High Definition IPS screen and a view angle of about 170 degrees, eRacks/ZENBOOK15.UHD is really a great looking and powerful Ultrabook.

As with all eRacks Systems products, this elegant looking Ultrabook will be delivered with your choice of Open Source operating system & software pre-installed and pre-configured. The operating system can be any flavor of Linux or BSD (We can even do other OSes like Haiku, etc on request). We will install and configure the OS fully before packaging your Ultrabook and sending it off your way.

In fact, you can be sure that with your Ultrabook ordered through us, you will receive a powerful open source system, configured to the highest specifications according to your requirements. And you can also be sure that no one else can or will offer anything close to the laptop you will get from us.

So, why not expand your laptop computing power to the next level with us. Contact us and ask about eRacks/ZENBOOK15.UHD. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

October 8th, 2015

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Zenbook with beverage - IMG_20131019_231446531Minty Zenbook

I am typing this on a nifty new eRacks/ZENBOOK13, with Linux Mint15 installed.

This is a slightly newer rev of the very pretty Asus Zenbook line, with twin 128GB SSD modules installed in a small carrier which screws into the standard 2.5″ HD space (it could also be replaced or upgraded with one of our standard HD/SSD choices, here:

This post will walk you through what we had to do for the installation, with the details.

Installation Cookbook

  1. Boot to an Ubuntu 13.04 install disk. (13.10 should work, or Ubuntustudio works too, that’s what I used).  For some reason, the Mint installer doesn’t install the default EFI boot choice properly, so you have to start with Ubuntu, then replace it with Mint. Read on.
  2. Using gparted (fdisk could work, too), delete the partition tables on /dev/sda and /dev/sdb, and replace the GPT-based partition tables with with msdos-type partition tables.
  3. Install Ubuntu on the 1st of the two SSDs. Don’t worry about the 2nd disk (_yet_).  Be sure to check the “Install with LVM” box after you select the default “Erase and install…”.
  4. Reboot into Ubuntu, and note the partitions cerated.
  5. Boot into a Mint 15 Install disk.
  6. Install Mint15 into the same partition structure – in other words, do NOT select the default “erase and install…” , but rather the “Something else” choice, and tell it to put the root partition on the same partition you noted in step 4.
  7. Install rEFInd ( from a rEFInd install disk, that you downloaded and burned from there. (I used v0.74). Be sure to install it in the /boot/efi partition (typically /dev/sda2) created earlier. The reason to install rEFInd, is it’s an invaluable tool to use to boot from any EFI-capable location on your computer, and will be used later on.  I put mine in EFI\refind\refind_x64.efi
  8. Be sure to also copy shell64.efi into /boot/efi/EFI/tools/, so rEFInd can find it, and show you the EFI Shell choice & icon.
  9. Boot from rEFInd.
  10. Choose the EFI shell.
  11. Using the bcfg command, (help -v bcfg is your friend!), list the boot choices, and verify that “ubuntu” is there.
  12. Add “mint” as a boot choice, pointing to EFI\linuxmint\grub64.efi – mimic the way the “ubuntu” boot choice is done.
  13. Reboot into the boot menu (hold Esc down during the Asus logo) and verify that “mint” and “rEFInd” are there.
  14. Test them both out – rEFInd should also give other interesting choices you can try out.
  15. You should be able to launch Mint from either the “Mint” choice in the Asus boot (holding Esc), or from the Mint choice in rEFInd.
  16. Optionally, you can add the 2nd SSD (mentioned in step 3) to the main volume using LVM, to use the full 256GB.

That’s it!

Wrap and Beverage

I must say, this is a BEAUTIFUL machine – I want one myself!

Between the FullHD display, and being roughly the same thickness and sizeas the magazines I often carry into any given bar / restaurant here in Los Gatos, this is a joy compared to my regular 1920×1080 Asus laptop..

…And it beats the heck out of a tablet..

…And the battery life seems great, it barely made a dent in the hour or so I spent surfing with it while drinking my beverage of choice at one of the local establishments here.

…And did I mention it’s screaming fast, with the i7 CPU and 10GB RAM?!

Bon Appetit,




October 20th, 2013

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Here are 10 really useful reasons to justify why you need a new Linux Netbook from eRacks.

Besides, a contributing member of this technological society is required to stay well-connected at all times. And in this economy, cost-effectiveness is imperative.

Top Ten Reasons why you need a Linux Netbook

  1. Lighten your load without compromise. The average laptop weighs 7 lbs. The average netbook weighs 2.5 lbs. How’s your back lately?
  2. Save money. The average laptop costs $1500+ while netbooks range from $300 to 500$.
  3. Take it with you and don’t get lost. Connect and find your destination. Google maps is a lifesaver.
  4. Keep in touch, even when you’re out. Connect with Facebook, Twitter, and Meebo.
  5. Finish your document/spreadsheet/presentation/homework at the cafe – eRacks Netbooks come with OpenOffice and many other useful applications.
  6. Waste time more effectively. Catch up on LolCats and then watch all the cat videos on YouTube. After all, isn’t that the underlying purpose of the Internet?
  7. Keep your job (or find a new job.) Manage your servers remotely anytime.
  8. Watch a film or video clip through your home network or from Hulu, in your favorite chair.
  9. Save a little more money. Find that book cheaper than in the store and order it.
  10. Portable Webcam possibilities are endless. Update your blog in real time.
  11. Bonus reason: eRacks is having a sale on rackmount servers that could likely save you the cost of a Netbook anyway.

January 6th, 2009

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Hello again.

It’s Max, your favorite Op. Manager here at eRacks. Today, I am going to talk a bit about quiet computing, something eRacks knows a lot about!

In today’s world, not every small business, home office, studio or gaming lounge has the ability to put up with what sounds like twin 747s taking off right next to you. However, proper cooling is paramount, and for some reason, quiet and cooling seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, much like chaos and order, orcs and humans, or tofu and steak.

Performance vs. Decibel Level

So, you ask, what can I do? You could buy low power embedded designs like Via, but then you sacrifice performance. You could buy liquid cooling, which we like, but there is a chance of it leaking if you decide to move it or if you don’t take good care of the pump and tubing. By contrast, you could do what we do, which is to find the best components for the job. Unfortunately, I can’t give all the company secrets — I would probably get punished by a very intimidating penguin (or spiky blowfish) if I were to spill the beans.

An eRacks customized quiet computer

Specialized Low-Noise Components

A SilenX Quiet Fan

A SilenX Quiet Fan

However, I can provide some generalities. First of all, we have a great partner in SilenX that provides fans and power supplies with super airflow at a noise level that is almost undetectable! We also know the power of rubber, grommets and hard drive placement. Dual or triple layered walls and chambered chassis also help to reduce noise, and if you are really serious, use foam and vibration dampening.

Quiet and Overclocked ?

eRacks can help you avoid spending hours testing and retesting combinations of components, in your effort to achieve quiet computing. We may be one of the few vendors that is known for our customized quiet systems with overclockability, for rendering, gaming, simulation or studio work. Even, say, Quad-core CPU with SLI graphics (overclocked), yet still quiet? It can be done, and done well. Also, eRacks’ cooling and quietization process is warrantied – Try finding that elsewhere – Not going to happen!

Lower Electric Bill

Added benefit: Quiet computers actually require less power and save money. Adjusting the voltage of certain components lowers the load on the power supply, which in turn lowers your energy bill.

This eRacks chassis has rubber grommets for vibration dampening, isolated PSU, and fan speed-controllers.

This eRacks chassis has rubber grommets for vibration dampening, isolated PSU, and fan speed-controllers.

Audio Bliss

In audio or production settings, any bit of noise or interference can turn a master work into something that goes straight to the trash. By quietizing your computer, you can avoid vibrations and fan noise that would otherwise make your Mozart sound like, well, amplified intestinal vocalizations.

Advancements in cooling, thermal wattage, performance and piping technologies have made it so that eRacks has perfected the art of constructing a quiet monster-gaming, or audiophile computer system. eRacks has numerous configurations, special designs and company expertise that gets it done within budget and exceeds expectations.

Silence, customized

If you have any questions or comments, want a more in depth idea about what we do, or if you have a configuration you think we can help you on, just let us know. I personally can help you out with whatever questions you have, and the rest of the eRacks staff is happy to discuss your options. Next time someone shows up at your LAN party with their dual CPU box that sounds like a tank rumbling over a heard of screaming shrews, just remember, eRacks can build a similar system that’s quieter than a graveyard at midnight (which is where your opponent’s avatar will end up when you no scope him from across the screen.) No hacks; just pure performance, cooling and engineering to provide you the very best in rendering, gaming and application-based work.

Max, signing out.

October 7th, 2008

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