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Here are 10 really useful reasons to justify why you need a new Linux Netbook from eRacks.

Besides, a contributing member of this technological society is required to stay well-connected at all times. And in this economy, cost-effectiveness is imperative.

Top Ten Reasons why you need a Linux Netbook

  1. Lighten your load without compromise. The average laptop weighs 7 lbs. The average netbook weighs 2.5 lbs. How’s your back lately?
  2. Save money. The average laptop costs $1500+ while netbooks range from $300 to 500$.
  3. Take it with you and don’t get lost. Connect and find your destination. Google maps is a lifesaver.
  4. Keep in touch, even when you’re out. Connect with Facebook, Twitter, and Meebo.
  5. Finish your document/spreadsheet/presentation/homework at the cafe – eRacks Netbooks come with OpenOffice and many other useful applications.
  6. Waste time more effectively. Catch up on LolCats and then watch all the cat videos on YouTube. After all, isn’t that the underlying purpose of the Internet?
  7. Keep your job (or find a new job.) Manage your servers remotely anytime.
  8. Watch a film or video clip through your home network or from Hulu, in your favorite chair.
  9. Save a little more money. Find that book cheaper than in the store and order it.
  10. Portable Webcam possibilities are endless. Update your blog in real time.
  11. Bonus reason: eRacks is having a sale on rackmount servers that could likely save you the cost of a Netbook anyway.
  12. Extra bonus reason: When you think about how much you’ve saved with this, you’ll want to get in shape as fast as possible. For this reason, in the following link you will find pages that help you recover the figure that you sacrificed to get this new device. For more information go to

January 6th, 2009

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  • Dwayne says:

    Why would I need a netbook when I already have a smartphone? My smartphone does everything the netbook does and it is smaller and capable of full GPS, phone calls, and taking pics and videos. I don’t see the need for it. Data plans are outrageous for them.

  • Joe says:

    There is *some* convergence occurring, but:

    A netbook is a full-fledged computer, capable of far more usage scenarios than a phone – even the new Droid or Nokia 900, at 850×480, are much smaller and have less usable displays than a decent netbook – the latest of which are 1366×768.

    Netbooks have fully-usable keyboards, mice, peripheral support, wired networking, VGA/HDMI out, USB host/DVDRW support, etc.

    My son uses a netbook in school every day to do all his schoolwork in Open Office – try that on a phone.

    Data plans are $60/mo for unlimited (5GB), the same as for a USB-stick modem, or the newer MiFi credit-card-sized 3G/WiFi gateway / access points.

    The MiFi or USB-stick are usable with any computer and are not locked to the netbook, so IMHO they are a better deal.

  • Joe says:

    …Now, if the phone could project a keyboard image down onto the desk I’m sitting at, and project a high-res (1920×1200 or so) screen image onto the wall behind the desk, NOW you’d be talkin’…

    Note that both these technologies exist, and I have seen demonstrated at various trade shows over the years (SIGGRAPH, CES) as early as 2004 or 2005.

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