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Making the world safe for Open Source

eRacks Open Source Systems has provided pre-configured open source rackmount, server, desktop, laptop & notebook systems since 1999. eRacks also offers a wide array of services including cloud services, hosting, open source migration, security, and network architecture services.


eRacks Open Source Systems strives to return the control of the IT department back to the business owner, by providing high-quality, best-of-breed open source enterprise-level applications on easily-upgradable industry-standard hardware. eRacks believes businesses should not be required to rely on third-party closed-source software vendors.


eRacks is located inĀ  Silicon Valley, California, with offices in Fremont and Los Gatos.


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eRacks Open Source Systems Phone: (714) 758-5423 (google voice) Fax: (631) 392-9842

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